Drafting 1.2 – Sketchup Basics

Drafting 1.2

Big Idea:  Orbit, Pan, Zoom, Axes, Copy and Paste (Curriculum Objectives 1.2-1.5)



  1. Open up the Sketchup file used previously in 1.1b.
  2. Use the orbit tool to orbit around every dimension of your object.
  3. Use the pan tool to reposition your object.
  4. Use the zoom tool to look inside your object.
  5. Draw an object inside of your object.  See if you can zoom out and see it from outside the building.
  6. Use the copy and paste functions to see if you can copy faces and build an exact replica of the object built in 1.1b.

Correct Your Work

Watch this video to correct your work and see if you are on the right track.

Additional Video (1.2 Axes)

Drafting 1.1 b Sketchup Basics

Drafting 1.1b

Big Idea: Creating a Sketchup file and drawing basic elements ( lines, circles, arcs, and polygons) (Curriculum Objectives 1.1-1.4)

Video tutorial –  Getting Started with Google Sketchup



  1. Locate Google Sketchup on your computer (Start- All Programs- Sketchup 8).   You might want to drag this to your desktop at this point so that locate the program easily.
  2. Open Google Sketchup.
  3. We are going to construct a box that is 8 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet high.
  4. Change your dimensions by selecting Window – Model info – Units – Decimal – Feet.  This will allow you to build your box with feet as the unit of measurement rather than metres.  You can switch back and forth as you wish
  5. Locate your rectangle tool.  All of the tools are located along the top of the page.  Draw a rectangle.  Notice that Sketchup automatically tells you the dimensions.  Draw your rectangle until it is 8 feet by 8 feet
  6. Locate your push pull tool.  Click on your rectangle and drag it up to 8 feet using the push/pull tool.  Notice you now have a box that is 8 ft x 8 ft x 8ft.
  7. Other tools:  Select the following tools and complete the following tasks:
  8. Draw a circle on one face of your cube.  Make the diameter 2 ft.  Do this in the same way that you made your rectangle, but use the circle tool instead. Use the orbit tool in order to find the face on which you want to work.
  9. Use the select tool to select the circle you just made.  Hit the delete key to make a circular window.
  10. Use the rectangle to make a door on another face of your cube. Make the door 6 feet 8 inches tall and 36 inches wide. Select the door and hit the delete key to create your doorway.
  11. Select the Arc tool to make an arc on top of your doorway.
  12. Extend your building to a total of 11 ft high by using the push and pull tool.
  13. Use the line tool to make a roof line at the 8 ft marker of the building.
  14. Use the push/pull tool to create your roof.
  15. Your finished product should be a building that is 8 ft x 8 ft x 11 ft that has a circular window and a door.


Correct Your Work –  Correct Your Work Using this Link

Drafting 1.1 Sketchup Basics

Drafting 1.1

Time Required – 2-3 hours

Big Idea: Creating a Sketchup file and drawing basic elements ( lines, circles, arcs and polygons) (Curriculum Objectives 1.1-1.4)

Introduction:  This activity asks you to produce a simple Sketchup Up file and create and manipulate basic elements such as lines, circles, arcs, curves and polygons.


Drafting 1.1 – Video Tutorial Demo


  1. Find the Sketchup icon on your computer and double-click to start.  It should be located at Start – All Programs –  Sketchup 8 – Sketchup (the Sketchup icon looks like a red and white cube with a corner missing).
  2. We want to start from a simple template.  Sketchup may launch the “Welcome to Sketchup” from which you can choose – Choose Template – Simple Template Feet and Inches – Start Using Sketchup.  If it doesn’t launch with this screen, simply click Help – Welcome to Sketchup – Choose Template – Simple Template Feet and Inches.  You can click the little box in the bottom left that will launch this screen on every startup.
  3. You now have Sketchup running.  You should see a person standing in a green background beside some intersecting lines.
  4. Tools –  Please familiarize yourself with the following tools:


Line –  This tool is represented by the pencil in the top left.  Draw a line by clicking where you want to start the line, moving your mouse and then clicking where you want the line to end.

Circle –  This tool is represented by the circle in the top left.  Draw a circle by clicking and dragging until you have the circle of the desired radius that you want.

Arc –  This is located next to the circle.  Draw your arc by clicking the start and end points of your arc and then pulling the centre of the arc to the desired bulge radius.

Polygons (Square and Rectangle) –  This is located next to the circle tool.  Squares and rectangles are created by selecting this tool and dragging to the desired size.

Practice Activity

  1. Create a Sketchup Document that contains:


Three lines measuring 3ft,6ft and 9ft.

Three circles with a radius of 1ft, 3ft, and 6 ft.

Three arcs with a 3ft,6ft, and 9ft bulge

Three squares of various dimensions.


  1.  Save your Sketchup assignment by clicking – save as and giving it the title Drafting 1.1 your name.


  1.  Remember where you saved your activity.


Correct Your WorkCorrect your own work by watching this video.